Proofreader/QA Needed for Ad Agency

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Our client has reached the volume where they could use a dedicated resource for content proofing and agency-wide quality assurance.

Proofing responsibilities would include:
• Proofreading all client-facing and final-to-release content
• Correcting spelling mistakes and grammatical errors and teaching others as necessary
• Resolving queries directly with the writers/creative directors; e.g. subjective style decisions
• Publishing, maintaining and working to a style checklist to ensure consistency
• Routing internal approvals for final releases of product
• Provide monthly scorecards to group heads for assessment and improvement by group

Additional responsibilities would include quality control as a whole. This includes helping design and instrument QA measures for web and interactive elements and improving systems overall for more consistent product quality.

Please send current resume and salary history. Tell me why you're perfect for the job!