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Detailed proofreader needed for 20-30 hours a week. Healthcare experience is ideal. Proofreading Team receives client materials at crucial stages of project development: when drafts are first created, before submitting piece(s) for client review, upon making revisions, and finally, before the job is completed and released for production. This service affords our clients an invaluable peace of mind, knowing that the highest degree of accuracy and quality are maintained throughout development of every project.

· Proofreading | Identify errors in spelling/grammar/punctuation, and issues of text formatting, consistency
· Fact-checking | Research that confirms the veracity of certain data (and that may avert costly mistakes)
· Copyediting | Correcting a draft for improved style, meaning, and accuracy of the copy
· Standards Review | Assuring that materials adhere to branding and other client standards
· Layout QC | Examine accuracy and positioning of logos, colors, photos, tables, columns, and graphic elements

Whether it is a TV or radio spot, direct mail piece, newspaper ad, billboard, brochure, Web or multimedia project, all content and client requirements are submitted to the Proofreading Team for review soon after a project is initiated.

The overall procedure for all projects follows the same essential steps:
• Once the first draft of a project is created, the Account Team sends in a Proofing Request via email to “ThomasArts Proofreading” including project specifications and the following parts of a job:
- TA Job Number
- Information about proofing requirements and deadlines
- Location of files to be proofed on the server and/or hard copies, including copy deck (created by client or agency), work brief with client’s initial instructions, and any other sample documents for reference

• We check for copy match, typographic errors, consistency, formatting (typography/layout), and review any branding and legal guidelines that may apply, as well as necessary fact-checking (addresses, math, URLs, etc.).

• After applying corrections and checking subsequent revisions, the job is submitted for initial Client review.

• Client provides feedback, replies to any queries and submits additional changes to the Account Team as necessary.

• Revisions are made and job is resubmitted to the Proofreading Team along with client markups/requests. When it is approved and finalized, the job may be routed to proofreaders for a final look. In addition, it may be required that more than one proofreader examine the job during any stage of the process, allowing for a second look by a fresh pair of eyes. Ensuring 100% accuracy in every project submitted to the Proofreading Team is our goal.

These job descriptions are examples. Looking for work?

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