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Dosn't it bother u to fynd typos in content taht wasn't proofed before it's published in print or on the web? If your hobby is to read the small print of ads for accuracy you may be what we are looking for. Find the mistakes? We hope so. Our client is needing a qualified and experienced proofreader reviewing more technical information including lots of charts and guides.

• 3+ years prior professional proofreading experience (brochures, long and short documents, RFPs, web content, financial documents, etc.)
• Ability to work on multiple projects at once
• Ability to successfully complete a Proofreading Assessment

The perfect candidate will have previously held a position where they ensured:
• Correct/accurate verbiage, graphics, charts, and colors
• Branding guidelines were followed to the letter
• Manuscripts and information presented accurate data/material
• Accuracy of facts, numbers, and units of measurement
• Jobs complied with client requirements
• Flawless communication with clients and internal team members

Responsibilities include: This position is a vital part of the creative process. We are looking for an independent self-starter to be responsible for reviewing all guides, charts, etc. to eliminate errors in spelling, grammar, syntax, and usage; maintaining Style Guide for all client accounts; ensure that all corrections and changes noted by all reviewers have been made and are correct; review documents for style consistency, correct legal mandatory copy and logos; work closely with internal team members to ensure all proofs, charts, etc. are handled in a timely manner; work well with others and under pressure.

Apply immediately by submitting your resume. Successful candidates will be contacted by phone. Thank you. NEED TO PASS ON THIS ONE? REFER A FRIEND HERE AND EARN MONEY!