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Project Manager/Designer

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We're looking for a Project Manager/Designer for an on-going contract need.

The Project Manager/Designer will be providing visibility throughout the campaign lifecycle.

Facilitating cross functional collaboration with marketing, legal, compliance, analytics, finance, risk and external vendors.

Capture key metrics for every campaign (volumes, cost, start and end cycle time etc.).

Manage and update design docs and HTML responsive docs for the client.

· Manager assigns project to team member
· Project Manager will review the creative brief, find the files in the MRM system, create a paper and/or online folder to include all documents
· Update the master matrix – if there is a new bracket code and changes are requested (more than a reprint)
· Search for the job and add the source files to the creative folder in the MRM
· Send an email to the Production Manager to request an estimate for the client
· Use the MRM system to send and track the client approval of the quote
· Update any bracket codes and content if needed based on the creative brief
· Upload the files in the MRM system for review by Legal, CSS, the Client and possibly the Privacy and Rewards team
· Once approved, send to the proofing team
· Request a “wall walk” once any changes from the proofing team are complete
· Release the final files in the MRM system and send to the Production Manager and the Printer
· Approve the final files from the printer once uploaded for review
· Update the activities section in the MRM with the dates for approvals, releases etc. as discussed above
· Add the final files in the MRM final folder for the job and in the
· Include a “QC” quality control folder with all email correspondence
· Once the POD (proof of delivery) is provided by the production team, close the job in the MRM system

Forward resume for consideration

Must be able to work on-site

These job descriptions are examples. Looking for work?

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