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Project Manager

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Project Manager Job Opening
Why this position exists in our organization:

The Project Manager position exists in our organization to concurrently keep 30+ fast-paced, very complex projects moving ahead smoothly and on time. The Project Manager also plays the role of client liaison and account manager, ensuring that clients receive prompt and constant communication about their project. Additionally, the Project Manager is expected to bring new levels of efficiency to the organization, so that additional projects and clients can be taken on without the need for additional resources.

Why this is a rewarding role:

The Project Management role is a crucial one, that if done properly, will:

Make clients feel cared for, through excellent communication
Get clients better results, via thorough attention to detail
Keep the business owner and team members organized and stress-free, by ensuring that no task “falls through the cracks”
Directly contribute to the growth of the organization, through increased efficiency and capacity to take on more projects and clients.
The right individual, who consistently contributes to these great outcomes, will not only enjoy the personal satisfaction that naturally occurs by producing such results, but will also be rewarded with increases in compensation that are reflective of the increases in client satisfaction, company revenue, and stress relief that they have brought to the organization.

Additionally, anyone with an interest in internet marketing, specifically search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising, will learn a great deal about the industry through osmosis as they lead these projects. If desired, direct participation in this type of project work could be considered if desired.

Job Details

This will start out as a part time position, 15-25 hours per week, but the right individual could easily and quickly evolve this into a full time role.

While many of these job responsibilities can be performed by telecommute, it is preferred that the individual be capable of working on site in Sparta, NJ as needed, especially when first becoming acclimated with the organization.

Compensation starts at a very fair going market rate and will increase as noted above.

Job Responsibilities

Set up new clients in the project management system: Translating the accepted proposal into task lists, establishing deadlines for those tasks, assigning those tasks to the appropriate team members, and entering/linking in supporting account information into the project file
Break down each month’s workload into manageable goals for each week, taking into consideration each team member’s role and workload
Host weekly internal team meetings, breaking down the week’s work into manageable goals for each day
Maintain goals and deadlines by providing reminders to appropriate team members, and facilitating the collection of whatever supporting information or answered questions they need to complete the task at hand
Assist with project quality control by reviewing team members’ submitted work, proofreading it, and comparing it to the requirements of the task and the principles of the business
Attend company meetings and conference calls, shadowing the business owner and team members to take notes, extract action items from the conversation, and translate those action items into tasks in the project management system
Provide weekly project status updates to clients, schedule client meetings/calls, and act as an account manager to service the client as needed
Persistently (yet kindly) follow up with clients regarding supporting information that the team needs from them in order to complete tasks on time
Assist in creation of monthly client written project status reports, and ensure that any action items from prior monthly reports are completed on time
Alert the team members and business owner to potential project delays or quality issues
Assess project profitability
Significantly contribute to the ongoing continuous improvement of the organization’s project management processes
Personality requirements for the position:

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