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Project Manager

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Working across the Product and Market Organization and DPG, plan and manage implementation of all assigned digital products from content creation, collection and assembly through final product delivery. Manage project budgets, establish project schedules, and act as primary project contact for both internal stakeholders and external Partners/Resources. Coordinate activities with other team members to ensure projects are completed on schedule, within budget, and that meet expected end user experience needs and content quality standards. Report on project status on a regular basis to Program Manager.

2. ESSENTIAL ACCOUNTABILITIES: Describe the top five to ten essential accountabilities of this position that account for 5% or more of time spent on an annual basis or are critical to the successful performance of the job, starting with the essential accountability that you perform most frequently. Each statement should specify the purpose of the accountability, how it is accomplished, and the end result.

Essential Accountability Percent of Time

  • Lead, communicate, and execute on core and digital projects by managing the overall plan, budget, schedule, content creation, assembly, implementation, and final delivery. Ensure all projects meet market needs, quality, cost, and delivery requirements. Execute projects on time, within budget, and in adherence to MHHE quality standards. Provide solutions for resolving issues. 35%

  • Manage global partners and resources to ensure successful completion of all assigned projects. Evaluate performance, quality of work, and compliance with project specifications, and resolve issues to ensure continual development and training of external resources. Report vendor ratings as requested. 25%

  • Provide authors and other product team members with content preparation guidelines and evaluate sample work during development stage for technical and production compliance, including awareness of ADA compliancy. Perform technical review of prospective projects as needed and prepare for and participate in all meetings for assigned projects. 20%

  • Communicate and negotiate planning and product schedules with Program Manager, authors, and global partners. Collaborate with all external resources and team members to ensure schedules and budgets are maintained for all assigned projects. Ensure integrity of data in all systems, specifically iPub. 15%

  • Collaborates with the program manager and product team to implement course and program goals and objectives. Establishes early program plan, including scope, high-level schedule, resource allocations, budget, risk, and quality deliverables. Ensures a realistic plan for product execution is created. 5%

    OTHER REQUIRED ACCOUNTABILITIES: Describe any additional accountabilities not included under the essential accountabilities section, which are part of the job.

  • Maintain high levels of performance with emphasis on results and cooperation across functional and departmental boundaries on various product assignments.
  • Demonstrate solid decision making and willingness to advise product team in issues; take the lead in offering creative solutions to content development and assembly/fulfillment problems.
  • Coordinate with internal teams on integrating new products and updated standards into existing workflows.
  • Maintain knowledge of current technologies and MHE digital products
  • Serve as key assessment expert/author contact and coordinate all product tasks and turnarounds as needed on assigned projects.
  • Assist in solving content, programming and application design issues that may jeopardize schedules.
  • Assist in establishing best practices for duties including schedule and budget maintenance, project responsibilities, development and assembly processes, communications, and support.
  • Demonstrate leadership in all aspects of content development and assembly and in working relationships within and across departments.
  • Demonstrate willingness to assist and advise product team in development and assembly/fulfillment issues; take the lead in offering creative solutions to content development and production problems.
  • Maintain flexibility in problem solving when encountering changes from editorial, authors, vendors, freelancers, or other team members.

    3. DIMENSIONS: Provide specific dollars and/or unit measures which indicate the position’s impact or effect on the business (think in terms of revenue or expense dollars, staff size, etc.).

  • Responsible for management of assigned projects, including all content and delivery components. Participate in projects from content creation, collection and assembly through final product delivery.
  • Responsible for managing product associated with $11M in annual net sales and $6M in plant for managed projects. Contribute to meeting or beating annual EBITDA targets.
  • Responsible for delivery of assigned digital, custom, and core product with high level of efficiency, speed to market, and top quality suitable for customer needs.
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