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Project Manager

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We have a fantastic contract to hire opportunity for a solid Project Manager! The right person has extremely sharp organizational and juggling skills, detail oriented (almost hawk like!) and can keep projects on schedule and under budget. This role is a good balance between working with the internal team while managing the expectations of each client.

Another cool thing about this role? It's 100% remote! This company has employees nationwide - including two employees in Portland. So while this position is remote, there are regular meetings between the Portland employees.

Internal Responsibilities:

  • Daily coordination with each team member in order to make sure they are on track with the priorities for the day/week/month
  • Throughout the day as new tasks come in, develop your own system for communication with the team members while making sure Asana is updated with all the appropriate information for them to do the task(s)
  • For new projects, you will be involved with the onboarding process and we will be looking to you to add insight on how to help onboarding run more efficiently
  • Be available for spontaneous calls throughout the day, and make sure each call is closed with a recap of what the client will do and what we will do. Those call reports should be emailed out to all appropriate parties soon after
  • At the minimum, organize & schedule weekly calls with each department (usually Monday morning) to make sure everyone understands the priorities for that week
  • For new projects, you will help organize the communication between each main team member to identify realistic timelines and budgets for the various tasks
  • Look for ways and propose improvements where you see opportunities for better and more efficient project management
  • Help manage ProofHQ and make sure projects run through there smoothly and in a timely manner & help see things through the printing process
  • Make sure monthly/quarterly reports go out during the first week of the new month or develop a system that streamlines this process

  • External Responsibilities/Pre-Launch:
  • Be available for discovery calls where key team members will be walking clients through our understanding of the scope. It is most important that you take great notes so that you can make sure we cover everything when it comes time to the proposal
  • During the proposal process, you will work closely in helping document the timelines and budgets for each key team member for the project
  • We will then present the proposal and will also introduce you on that call to the client
  • Once the project is underway, you and our account executive will set up a launch call to walk through the timelines for the project and make it clear who is responsible for what and when. We will be looking to you as how best to represent that visually for the client. We have done it a couple different ways, but will look for your suggestion here

  • External Responsibilities/Post-Launch:
  • As soon as the agreement is signed, you will need to organize an internal call with all of the team members that will be working on the project. The purpose is to review the deadlines, budgets, and make sure everyone is on the same page as they break out and begin work
  • We ask that you set up regular check­-in meetings with clients throughout the duration of the project. For example, for new websites ­­that should be weekly.
  • Follow up clients regularly to ensure we are receiving from them what we need to keep projects on task. Don’t be afraid to over­ communicate. Clients should always know at any given time which balls are in their court and the implications of what happens when they delay things.
  • Report regularly to our account executive and work with him on making sure we are meeting and exceeding the client's expectations
  • Occasionally coordinate with internal team members and schedule webinars to show clients how functionality is intended to work
  • Respond to client emails as quickly as possible, and don’t feel bad hounding our team to get you what you need to do your job

  • While the primary job function will be to manage projects, there will be other opportunities to help on various other tasks such as:
  • Help post blog content to client websites
  • Help generate marketing reports
  • Assist in plugging in content for new websites
  • Help marketing team members execute certain tasks such as sending out email blasts, updating email lists, plugging in keyword data etc.

  • Required Skills & Abilities:
  • Must be self motivated and manage time extremely well
  • Strong ability to multi­task
  • Must be able to evaluate “big picture” (keeping multiple projects in line)
  • Outstanding communication and people skills
  • Ability to function in a fast and sometimes chaotic environment under tight deadlines
  • Be extremely organized almost to a fault
  • Own a computer!!

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