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Project Coordinator (44)

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We're currently looking to hire on a contract basis for a Project Coordinator, with the opportunity to transition into a full Project Manager role. Project Coordinator will assist current Project Managers as needed, and be responsible for all internal management of assigned projects (tasks may include, but are not limited to: keeping the daily/weekly task list up to date, notifying the Lead PM updated on current status/change in status/any delays, elevate all concerns to the Lead PM in a timely manner and proactively think through resolutions, collaborate with internal and vendor teams, sitting in on/attending client meetings, etc.).

Previous Project Management or agency experience is a plus, but not required.
Print experience & digital/web experience are a plus, but not required.
Experience with Basecamp a plus, but not required.

Skill-sets/Traits Needed:

Critical Thinker: As a PM, we are the gatekeepers between the client and the team. Often times, things come to us from the client that are half baked, or random thoughts/ideas. A PM needs to be able to analyze the information that comes in, compare to client/project goals, think through any outstanding needs & questions, then clearly relay to the team.

Adaptable: The ideal candidate needs to be able to react to change quickly, reprioritize and shift focus almost constantly. Things happen all the time, and adjustments are needed regularly. It is the PM's job to reprioritize both their and the team's focus, and adjust as needed.

Detailed/Organized: Things change on the fly a lot around here, but a good PM should be detailed and organized -- and know everything that is going on with their projects. The PM is the one person in the office that has insight into everything going on across the project, and are often times the ones people come to with questions. Being organized is critical to success.

Good Communicator: A PM needs to be able to communicate with both internal & external (client & vendor) teams in a thoughtful, meaningful and genuine way. As the day-to-day contact for our clients, it is our job to foster/cultivate the relationship, in addition to getting the project specific tasks complete and maintaining scope and budget. It's a PM's job to balance those two roles simultaneously, and be clear in communicating to the client.

Resourceful: As a PM, it's not our job to know the answer to every question, but it's our job to find the answer and relay in a timely manner. Some questions come in that are easy to find the answer to -- others though require thought, research and knowing who to reach out to for the answers. It's the PM's job to help find those answers, but also be proactive in thinking through potential pitfalls in a project, so that the questions don't need to be asked in the first place.

Proactive: A good PM has a sense of what's going on in/around the office and will be proactive in looking for ways to make improvements --whether within the office, or within a specific project. The ideal candidate would have the wherewithal to ask questions, lend a hand, or just hop in when they feel they have something to add to the conversation.

Scrappy: We are a small company, and across the board, we're asked to do things that may fall out of our job description/company experience. The ideal person would relish that situation and jump at the chance to learn/try something new -- without being afraid to fail.

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