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Project Assistant

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Aquent's client is looking for a Project Assistant for their marketing department. Information listed below:

1. Modifying and creating entire, or components of, project status reports

2. Meeting setup – including Lync meetings. Requires attention to detail when scheduling meetings on short notice. Be able to discern what meetings are critical vs those where the invitee is optional (such as a lunch) and where double booking is a possibility.

3. Assemble packets of materials for use in assessment sessions

4. Modify all types of Office documents (large excel spreadsheets containing project plans, Powerpoints, etc.)

5. Managing lists of marketing materials in Sharepoint – managing the sharepoint repository and helping craft it to be used long-term

6. Assisting with eliminations of materials from Linknet, Network Store, and the warehouse we keep the inventory in. Communicate status.

7. Participate in meetings & facilitate keeping track of parking lot items, take meaningful notes and prepare in minutes or summary format with action items.

8. Support process of typing up statuses and adding tasks to work plans in Excel.

9. Support process of creating slide decks in PowerPoint. Not expecting them to invent the material, but create the slide with content provided them.

10. Status updates sent out to project participants.

Required Skills:
1. Ability to respond quickly and juggle!

2. Quick picker-upper of MS Office tricks – good at researching different ways to do things

3. Beyond basic skills with MS Office – good at Powerpoint and other ways to visually represent project status and approach

4. MS Project (basic skills)

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