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Programmer Writer

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What if your job description were simply "make tomorrow better?" That's the essence of roles within our Team. We bring an insatiable curiosity to the table every single day, challenging ourselves to reimagine what is and what can be. We build on what's come before to create what's next. We drive machine intelligence to help shape the future. We empower billions of people around the globe. If you’ve been working on code recently, you know there’s nothing more important than good, up-to-date docs packed with samples and clear steps to help you lower cortisol levels and ship awesome work. Now, engineers like to write code, but there’s a select few that do and then share their experiences with everyone else - growing their community and making everyone’s lives a bit easier. Does this describe you to a T?  


As a Programmer Writer in our team, you are right on the front line as a technical authority in AI. You will help craft an exciting developer offering, then work with our developer community to help integrate their abilities as skills. You will learn and use our AI assets to aid partnerships and generate developer excitement. You will create a future where people can do more with help from AI.


Day to Day

The day-to-day will vary. Contractor will spend 50% + of time writing samples and content. There will be daily stand-ups (Usually ½ hour) sync with team members and roughly ½ hour of documentation discussion. They will be working with other tech writers – team made up of FTE’s and other contractors.



  • C# and JavaScript chops.
  • Can develop web apps and microservices in ASP.NET and Node.JS.
  • Familiarity with Python preferred
  • Have an understanding of digital assistants, including Microsoft's Cortana, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, and have even written code for their platforms.
  • Have experience around natural language understanding and conversational design
  • Have effective (read: clear and understandable) writing skills.
  • Learn new technologies and platforms quickly.
  • Actively identify issues that impede success and provide recommendations to fix them.
  • Have strong developer empathy - you can put yourself in the customer’s shoes.


On this team, you'll:

  • Build great content that demonstrates the breadth and depth using Git-based sources and Markdown.
  • Work with your peers in product engineering and business development to document customer scenarios across multiple media platforms.
  • Craft detailed and graphically rich content that steps users through common scenarios, while providing answers for less common ones.
  • Build canonical samples that demonstrate our code to developers.
  • Detail design guidelines and methodologies that help developers create amazing skills.
  • Identify and address actionable customer and partner feedback.
  • Track performance metrics for key content properties and investments.
  • Coordinate with peer content developers to help tell the developers story.

These job descriptions are examples. Looking for work?

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