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Program Operations Manager

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4 month contract on-site at client location.
Pay: Up to $53/hr. DOE

1. Mobile Release Privacy Process: Review all mobile release feature candidates across product groups (Mobile core, Messenger, Instagram), categorize into appropriate groups/verticals, and route to appropriate Privacy Program Managers.

* Work with Technical Program Managers to review tasks in case of discrepancy
* Create and maintain document outlining features in upcoming mobile releases and notify relevant Privacy Program Managers for each release
* Send overview email to cross-functional stakeholders on Messenger mobile releases with no new privacy decisions
* Update tracking tool with upcoming mobile and messenger weekly releases and mark child entries where required

2. Compliance:
Support Privacy Program Management team compliance lead for bi-annual audits and conduct product implementation reviews.
** Each month, work with privacy team to identify products to review.
** Coordinate with Product Operations team, Product Specialists & engineers to obtain and review necessary documentation to ensure that privacy decisions were appropriately implemented.

* Audits
** Ensure that our list of products that launched in the previous 6 months is kept accurate, including working with Product Managers/Product Specialists to keep track of launch dates
** Produce documents requested by our auditors, such as privacy XFN emails and proof that our privacy decisions were implemented
** Assist legal with other compliance-related requests
** Assist legal in determining which service providers/vendors need to go through the Privacy XFN
** Identify products to close out each month
** Identify privacy decisions to be closed out for anything that is launching that week

3. Weekly/Monthly Privacy XFN:
*Run Weekly reports for cross-functional communication on new products added completed products reviewed
*Maintain monthly statistics on products reviewed and other metrics from tracking tool

4. Competitive research
* Support Privacy Program Managers by conducting competitive research and other duties

5. Maintain internal wikis and internal documents
* Maintain team wiki, including product coverage chart, team resources, and documentation on key privacy issues

6. PM Training and outreach
*Assist with updates to training materials and other duties

7. Project management of tracking tool updates:
* Manage bug filing and tracking for the new launch cal tool, including task creation/assignment and other duties

8. Record Keeping:

Motivated by the opportunity to solve privacy and process problems within an operations environment
Excellent communication skills with strong attention to detail
Demonstrable critical thinking and creative problem solving skills
Experience with project management with a cross-functional component
Passionate about helping people
Self-starter, intellectually curious and creative individual, who thrives in a fast paced, ever changing environment
Able to act independently across competing priorities and exercise impeccable judgment

B.A. or B.S. degree

These job descriptions are examples. Looking for work?

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