Production Artist (contract)

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Duties to include:
• Build electronic mechanical files for print production according to supplied specifications
• QC check/preflight all production mechanicals and associated linked graphics prior to final print release
o Confirm accuracy of all file settings including color, image resolution, and output settings
• Correct file errors and/or inconsistencies prior to final print production release, including:
o Typesetting revisions
o Resizing artwork
o Photo retouching
o Correct vector artwork
o Image color correction and/or adjustments
o Page sequence/imposition revisions
• Layout and assemble working dummy comps
• Work with print specialist/design team to identify and correct any production issues

Skills and Knowledge Desired:
• Must be proficient in all major desktop publishing applications including: Adobe Creative Suite (InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Acrobat), and QuarkXPress. Candidate should also be familiar using Microsoft Word and PowerPoint
• Excellent command of graphic design principles, practices, formats, typography, printing, and layout
• Ability to produce graphic design materials using a range of media, methods, techniques, and equipment
• Ability to create high quality CMYK or RGB images. Understand dot gain, color separations, trapping, Pantone to CMYK conversions, imposition work, and photo retouching
• Good understanding of the conversion issues present when using applications across the Mac and Windows platforms
• Good understanding of how to troubleshoot problem files
• Possess a clear understanding of computer networks, both new and existing server technologies
• Familiarity with various types of equipment/software used in the production process, including:
o Inkjet, laser printers, and RIPs
o Operate in either Macintosh or Windows platform
o UNIX based platform
o FTP software
o Scanners
• Excellent project management skills, with an ability to multitask and prioritize projects based on tight deadlines
• Proven team player with good interpersonal skills
• Ability to accept feedback/direction from Studio Manager/Art Director and incorporate changes into production design

Position Requirements:
• Associates degree or equivalent experience
• Minimum 5 years combined preflight/production design experience
• Must be proficient in all current major desktop publishing software and technologies