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The editorial team has an opening for a savvy and seasoned content editor. The content editor will work on one of the largest online networks in the world. The position involves soliciting and vetting content from numerous channel partners, writing and editing headlines that encourage users to click around our network, some page production in our publishing tool, and working across groups in other ways to help make our pages the best they can be. The successful candidate will also be charged with understanding business models and tracking real-time data to identify trends and boost editorial success. The content editor will work as part of a team in a fast-paced, daily publishing environment, and should be versatile in both tasks performed and topic expertise. This is a vendor position based in Bellevue, Wash.

We’re looking for a seasoned writer/editor with at least three years of experience in a daily publishing environment (print or Web) and at least two years working in Web-based publishing.

The successful candidate will possess:
• Strong writing/editing skills
• Knowledge of Web-based publishing
• Solid communication and partnering skills
• A proven ability to write/edit short, snappy, riveting headlines and copy.

Candidates should be:
• Highly organized
• Self-motivated
• Resourceful
• Capable of making numerous editorial decisions while under pressure
• Able to manage strict deadlines -- both for themselves and for outside editors.
• Also understand Web behavior, Web culture, and what does and doesn't work from a consumer point of view.
• Possess a thorough understanding of and passion for Web publishing, including a working knowledge of its tenets (current wisdom about length, style, tone, interactivity, click-through, audience loyalty, traffic patterns, etc.).
• Sports knowledge is a big plus.

This position requires a Bachelor’s degree in journalism or a related field.