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Presentation Designer/Writer

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Presentation Designer/Writer-

Presentation Designer with strong ability to simplify complex technical communications and then create graphically sounds presentations using Powerpoint

1. Description of your department: We work in IT / Application Development and are responsible for the Project Management, Project Planning, Systems Design and Requirements Management of a software development organization. We are between the business users who are requesting software changes and the core development team who actually build and test the software.

2. Consultant Duties: We are looking for a person to help us with the numerous reports, presentations and updates we provide to the business organizations we support. We have a variety of PowerPoint presentations that are used in meetings that represent the work we are delivering. Much of the text that is written is coming from technical IT staff who are not best suited for translating application enhancements into business speak.

I am looking for someone to have two basic skills:

The first is the ability to translate the text that technical people have written into a more business valued language. We have written the features of an application release, now we need someone to translate that into a more business friendly format.

Second, we need someone who is skilled at creating more graphical presentations to enhance the messages that are important to deliver. We have lots of standard PowerPoint presentations, however our IT team Is not skilled at using graphs, charts, boxes, color, fonts, highlights, etc… in PowerPoint to deliver more impactful messages.

3. Consultant Requirements: (years of experience, particular software or skill set must haves). I would think that we would need some familiar with IT systems delivery and someone with a background in communications and graphic design. At least 5 years experience working within IT as presentations are going to VP level executives.

These job descriptions are examples. Looking for work?

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