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Presentation Designer

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Our client in the financial services and insurance industry is looking for a Presentation Designer on a long-term contract basis.

Job Highlights: 
The Enterprise Management Team is a group of more than 50 “consultants"ʺ within the Global Technology and Operations (GTO) organization who lead enterprise-level initiatives and projects on topics including strategy, security, and real estate. 

Among many other tasks and responsibilities, team members frequently contribute presentation materials (primarily PowerPoint) for executive and/or Board-level audiences. The Chief Administrative Officer has high quality standards and preferences around the style of communication used, namely a ʺso what"-driven, top-down approach to telling the story, with crisp headlines and wording (especially “elevated strategic language”), and simple, clean, appropriate graphics and layouts. 

Team members come from a variety of backgrounds, many hired as experts in program management; their ability to write effectively for executive audiences is not necessarily a core skill for them. While you would like to build this skill in the team over time, your primary goal for now is to improve the presentation materials they produce through hands-on editing and consulting to minimize the time you, your cohort, and your 
boss spend improving the materials before passing them on to the CAO. 

We are looking for an external partner who can work with the Team to consistently turn out “McKinseyʺ quality materials, including the following types of support: 

  • Hands-on edits: Most often, the support required will involve us simply working independently to do hands-on edits to improve the materials produced by the consultants. 
  • Upfront consultation on strategy and structure: Sometimes there will be more of a need or opportunity to consult upfront with the authors on the strategy and structure of an upcoming presentation and, perhaps, coach them to build their skills.
  • Creation of formats and templates for recurring communications: You also see an opportunity to create some standard formats and templates, particularly for certain recurring communications like Steering Committee reports, with the goal that once the format has been created and approved, only the content and messaging would need to be updated going forward. 

The volume and frequency of projects may vary over time. While predictably there are 3 to 4 Steering Committee documents to look at per month (10-20 pp each), ad hoc requests will be 
less predictable as to when they occur and how large they might be (e.g., 6 pp to 40pp+). 

Most projects will have at least one week of lead-time, if not more; in rare instances, a quicker turnaround time may be needed. 

We need a partner that can quickly learn the organization’s preferred presentation style and bring in existing best practices from a top-down communications mindset, in order to provide high-quality external support for your team in a timely manner.

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