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PRINT Production Graphic Designer

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Education and Experience

This position requires at a minimum:

• 5-years of experience in Typography, Book design, Drawing, Advanced graphic design, Computer-assisted design, Digital media, and Photography.

• An associate degree, but preferably a bachelor's or advanced degree in Fine Arts in Graphic Design or equivalent experience.

Additional Qualifications:

• Be highly creative with outstanding design sensibilities and production skills. 

• Possess the ability to implement branding policies and standards for multiple communications media. 

• Have the ability to coordinate projects and interact professionally with Brand and Policy customers.

• Have interpersonal and presentation skills, and a professional attitude.

• Be able to receive and execute art direction in a timely manner— from research, concept, design, production to printing.

• Be able to help Brand and Policy manage incoming design projects during their entire lifecycle — including creative analysis, research, design, production, and printing.

• Be proficient in both MAC and PC platforms

• Be fully versed in branding policies that govern the proper use of all logos and trademarks, and the ability to carry out branding guidelines and policies in accord with Corporate Communication objectives.

• Work with clients on creative strategy and requirements.

• Design, illustrate and produce print, web-based, and interactive ads. 

• Develop corporate communication materials, collateral, multi-media presentations, and other marketing communications vehicles.

• Coordinate the services of outside printers, deliverables, and deadlines.

• Maintain a library of illustrations, images, graphics, and other graphic arts materials.

• Communicate effectively with clients and be able to multi-task at a very high level.

• Print production, multimedia presentation, motion graphics, and web page design software.

• Ability to use Large Format Printer to produce Posters

• Have the ability to use the following graphic design software:

• Adobe Acrobat  Pro 10

• Adobe After Effects

• Adobe Bridge CS6

• Adobe Creative Suite 6 Design Premium that includes InDesign CS6

• Dreamweaver CS6

• Fireworks CS6

• Flash CS6

• illustrator CS6

• Microsoft Office 2011 (Mac) (software includes Word 2010, PowerPoint 2010, Excel 2011)

• Photoshop CS6

• QuarkXPress 8

These job descriptions are examples. Looking for work?

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