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Online Marketing and Communications Specialist

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The Online Marketing and Communications Specialist is responsible for the management of the

organization’s online communications and key components of the overall communications

strategy. This position is an advocate in implementing the goal ‘Care, no matter what,’ with a

heavy focus on creating and fostering relationships with patients and supporters.


Responsible for developing and implementing communication to increase overall agency

visibility, patient revenue, donations and 501c4 advocacy base. Works with key staff to identify

and implement effective strategies, identify opportunities, foster positive relationships with

community media outlets, vendors and other organizations across the state to maximize

promotional strategies. Maintains departmental budget, organizes and prepares status reports

on department efforts.

Essential duties*

 Online management

 Multimedia development

 Manage 501c3 web presence with daily updates, troubleshoot technical issues

and serve as point of contact for digital communications.

 Serve as planner and gatekeeper to the home page, ensuring regular

updates reflecting the organization’s external communication goals and calendar.

 Create and maintain intranet master calendar with new entries for company's

SharePoint platform PPIN Point.

 Assists and supports 501(c)4 communication activities

 Digital and design support of Development Department with major events

 Leverage existing and, when necessary, produce or oversee development of new

multimedia content for online presences, including videos, podcasts and


 Define and implement new strategies for social media marketing and online


 Manage the overall look and feel of online sites, keeping consistent with affiliate,

national templates and branding standards.

 Research and experiment with emerging trends in social media and online

advertising to ensure that company is at the forefront of online advertising.

 Find unique ways to engage supporters through social media, while

ensuring platforms are regularly updated with information reflecting

organizational needs.

 Implement strategies to increase audience, measured by metrics, on all

social media.

 Source and create engaging and informative graphics for digital platforms.

 Management and organizational collaboration

 Serves as project manager for key strategic marketing and communication


 Develops and maintains appropriate metrics package to measure outcomes of

digital strategies.

 Develops and monitors budget, calendar, campaigns and strategies to support

organizational goals.

 Coordinates with other departments to ensure that communication efforts

enhance and support cross-functional goals.

 Collaborates with Communication Director to enhance department platform and

ensure that information is shared externally.

 Meets regularly with communications team to determine external

communications goals for all digital platforms.

 Assists with ensuring that internal and external communications materials are

current and accessible by appropriate staff members.

 Coordinates with departments and other staff to find new ways to use digital

platforms to support mission.

 Develops advertising creative and work with third party vendors to implement

digital communication campaigns.

 Provides digital communications support to other departments as needed.

 Develops and executes overall promotional strategies to increase agency

visibility across the state of Indiana and Commonwealth of Kentucky.

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