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Web App Developer

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Our client is looking for an experienced app developer to help repair issues with their current app and provide ongoing support as needed. 

The client's proprietary app was originally built as a web app, utilizing Java and converted to iOS and Android apps via React Native and Cordova.

The app is experiencing significant performance issues and bugs on both iOS and Android, despite several rounds of attempted fixes. 


  • Initial project will require developer to assess and remediate ongoing performance issues with the Client's existing app for iOS and Android
  • Developer will provide scope and timeline for fixing known issues
  • Fix, test, deploy, and perform QA to confirm issues have been successfully resolved
  • After re-launch, provide support on an as needed basis for any future performance issues the app experiences. 


  • Previous experience developing web apps and deploying to Android and iOS using React Native/Cordova/or similar platforms. 
  • A minimum of 3+ years of Java development experience 
  • In-depth knowledge of EJB/JSF/JPA and development of HTML 5 user interfaces 
  • Demonstrate ability in designing, implementing and delivering high performance and complex Java EE solutions 
  • A minimum of 2+ years with Angular/React JS. 
  • Experience using Meteor 1.6.1 and MongoDB database 
  • Good oral and written communication and ability to interact with team members 


  • An app (or apps) in the iTunes Store and/or a GitHub repo that we can view 
  • Expo 27 
  • Experience with A/B testing in mobile apps 
  • Android and iOS emulator 
  • Exposure to Continuous integration and deployment 

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