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NOW Seeking: AE's WIth CPG & Agency Experience

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Chicago AE's we're looking for you for this contract (with heavy perm potential) role. And... if this is not you, and can refer leads -- MWAH! Thank you, your placed referrals will be handsomely rewarded!

Full details are below:
Please reply with your resume asap!

The AE position requires the ability to manage, and begin leading the agency's day-to-day relationship with key client contacts.

  • Earn and keep each client's respect and confidence as a trusted adviser bringing value to their business through a strong commitment to success, consistent performance and the ability to develop a wide range of ideas and solutions
  • Acquire in-depth knowledge of, and be conversant in, each clients' business their key issues, competitive situation and industry trends
  • Demonstrate confidence and authority as the day-to-day voice of the agency team
  • Effectively balance the dual expectations of your clients and the agency
  • Anticipate potential relationship or expectation issues, advising the Account Group Director in time for the agency to act proactively
  • Assist the Account Group Director with the development of an annual Client Development Plan

    Staff and Project Leadership

    The Account Executive position requires the ability to successfully focus the efforts of agency personnel so that projects are completed as proposed on time, within budget and with a minimum of disruption to daily activity of client or agency.

  • Outline expectations of, and communicate effectively with, agency team members
  • Effectively assign, delegate, coordinate and monitor the work of agency staff members assigned to client projects
  • Demonstrate an investment in, and commitment effectively with, the agency/client teams to develop and support a positive mindset about the work, the client and the agency staff that is involved
  • Establish rapport and trust with a range of staff members assigned to your account(s) acknowledging the expectations of and on others, identifying team and project needs, remaining open to considering multiple points-of-view
  • Provide a model for project leadership prepared and pro-active, thorough and accurate
  • Encourage and demonstrate unity behind team and agency decision-making
  • Effectively incorporate senior staffers from account management as well as other departments as project objectives or issues warrant

    Analytic and Planning Abilities

    As a Account Executive, you are required to employ a range of thinking and decision-making skills what if, critical and judicious approaches to client issues and initiatives.

  • Display marketing curiosity and a willingness to push your own thinking and the agency's work in new directions
  • Clearly establish objectives and priorities for client initiatives
  • Help develop, articulate, and adhere to, agreed upon strategies
  • Demonstrate an ability to develop a range of alternatives for client and agency decision-making
  • Identify key elements of an issue, problem or data set and be able to highlight general opportunities and implications
  • Develop and articulate initial points-of-view relative to strategic, creative and media alternatives
  • Make decisions that reflect layers of thought balancing enthusiasm, insight, caution, discretion
  • Establish clear objectives and day-to-day priorities for yourself
  • Effectively plan and organize the work of you and your team handling multiple projects efficiently, effectively and productively
  • Provide effective and efficient oversight of agency resources to insure projects are delivered as promised in terms of time, budgets and results
  • Identify, classify, categorize and be able to retrieve information as required by you or agency team members
  • Prepare thorough, accurate and consistent work to clients reflective of the agency's quality standards
  • Be able to adapt to workload and working conditions while maintaining a positive attitude and professional demeanor

    Presentation/ Selling Skills

    As Account Executive, you are expected to effectively present the agency's decisions, recommendations and creative product to a range of client audiences.

  • Develop and demonstrate a clear, comfortable, persuasive presentation style for both formal and informal settings
  • Be well-rehearsed and prepared for the unexpected
  • Make certain presentation support materials are consistent and in line with the agency's expectations of quality

    Written Communication Skills
    The Account Executive must be able to write clearly and persuasively.

  • Provide clear, thorough written direction to staff
  • Deliver concise, accurate and actionable accounts of meetings and discussions
  • Develop persuasive summary and recommendation documents for presentation to client and agency decision-makers
  • Contribute to project and/or annual client planning documents

    Computer Skills

    The Account Executive should be proficient in, and be able to provide support to junior personnel regarding, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Advantage. Additionally, the Account Executive should know how to use all agency presentation systems and equipment.

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