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Student Ambassador Program introduction: program for students to work with client's Education to engage with instructors and students on their own campus, sharing their experience about the positive benefits of using digital products.

App Outline
Objective: We track Student Ambassador engagement by allotting a certain number of earnable points to each activity. There is a lack of Student Ambassador engagement partly due to the point submission process. We previously used a point sheet, to keep track of Student Ambassador activity but the inconvenience of using an excel doc combined with the need to be at a computer limits submissions.

-Enables students to submit their student ambassador activities (measured in points) weekly or by event/activity from their mobile device
-The app should calculate by week and cumulatively and give us a dashboard of SA activity
-Links to training materials (i.e. PowerPoints, training videos)
-Web App: must have online component
-There should be a communication tool so students can interact with each other, their mentors and program managers, and program managers can push out messages to SAs

-Student Ambassadors
-Student Ambassador Mentors (long-term SAs who assist with new SAs
-Program Managers

This app has the potential to increase engagement among Student Ambassadors by easing the process of submitting point sheets and communicating with one another, their mentors and the program managers at MHE.