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Medical Proofreader / Editor

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Seeking a Medical Proofreader/Editor to join a major Biotech company for a 1 year contract role- 30-40 hours per week.  This job is located in Weston, MA.

Job Description 

The Medical Proofreader/Editor is responsible for proofreading and editing copy ensuring that all copy is free of typos, grammatically correct, factual and in alignment with brand and industry guidelines. 

Responsibilities to include but not limited to 

• Editorial and Proofreading Responsibilities: 
o Determines that references are acceptable sources (e.g., published articles, chapters from published books, etc.) and obtains appropriate sources when necessary 
o Checks accuracy of all graphs, charts, and calculations and verifies permissions and “adapted from” lines 
o Discusses all queries with appropriate stakeholder/Editor 
o Fact checks all claims and statements against reference materials 
o Confirms AMA guidelines and brand guidelines are being adhered to 
o Adheres to style sheet and/or checklist for each brand noting anomalies and deviations from AMA style and the correct way to style/spell frequently occurring terms 
o Reviews copy for spelling, grammar, and line-breaks 
o Ensures content adheres to company and brand compliances, guidelines, and standards prior and during regulatory review process review 
o Confirms all regulatory review mandated changes have been properly addressed prior to final review for approval to release for production 


• 5-7 years writing and editing experience in the pharmaceutical field, medical journals or studio/agency environment 
• Knowledge of AMA Manual Style and familiarity with medical terminology 
• Excellent written, communication and time management skills 
• Collaborative team player, upbeat, enthusiastic, positive and diplomatic 
• Computer skills, knowledge of internet searches, and proficiency in Microsoft Windows software specifically Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 


Bachelor’s Degree required

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