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Marketing Planner/Children's Focus Group

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Year Long Contract!
Reporting to the GCI- Funlab Management, the Logistic Senior Planner is responsible for maintaining and supporting Funlab’s database system. This position is an integral part of the Funlab Department and is responsible for overseeing the efficient and effective management of the corporation’s database. This position is involved with Field Recruiting/Research Analysis and is a customer service advocate of the Funlab Department and maintains a high degree of customer service to all staff users of the database system. Provides back-up support for budgeting/bookkeeping activities. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

Essential Position Functions:


  • Support the maintenance of the Funlab database
  • Recruits and interviews clients via phone/via on-line.
  • Returning daily phone calls –explaining various Funlab Programs offered
  • Assisting with scheduling children for monthly scheduled research studies.
  • Pre-recruit children on short notice for Research projects

  • Champion’s management’s initiative to tap into new targeted audiences (i.e., first time moms, adult gamers, tween leaders). Sources could be school systems, AD’s in newspapers.
  • Interest potential Funlab candidates/ toy testers in particular opportunities by cold calling, personal visits to schools & businesses, create and Design Parent letters authorized by school systems to be sent home with children.
  • Work closely with Funlab Assoc. Manager to recruit and screen the optimal target market for brand teams.

    Research Activities:

  • Assist in the creation of screeners that effectively hone in on targeted audiences.
  • Conducts baseline observations; specifically for Funlab’s “ON THE GO” program including identifying observational market research needs/objectives, coordinating research stimuli, implementing and analyzing research and reporting on findings.
  • Perform and assume other miscellaneous operational requirements, which are critical to the success of good research evaluations, as may be required.
  • Operate Funlab’s video and audio Equipment
  • Meet and greet Funlab participants involved with pre-recruited studies and giving out incentives.
  • Set-up of incentives (cash and product)
  • Works with internal clients and research counterparts in other research areas to integrate all areas of learning.
  • Communicates research findings via reports and debriefs to marketing and R&D brand teams and to ensure clear understanding of information and product development implications.
  • Consistently ensures the integrity and correct interpretation of all observational/qualitative research information.
  • Coordinates multiple data collection of observational/qualitative research sources relating to focused Informational Objectives to ensure cohesiveness of learnings.


  • Support Management with the implementation of contractual documents/ invoicing for services provided by a third party for the Global Funlab Business.
  • Provide back up support for budgeting/bookkeeping activities
  • Perform other general office duties as needed
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