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Marketing Outreach Specialist

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It’s all about awareness, word of mouth and referrals to drive customer acquisition. In this day and

age, most customers looking for project management software will search online. Your job is to be the

primary advocate for and make sure that regardless of the website prospects

visit, they hear about us and click a link to visit our website. More than typical link building, this role is

about a sophisticated approach to building meaningful online partnerships.

You will be in charge of coordinating initiatives designed to promote the organization and its services

through key industry contacts, potential affiliate partners and influencers in our space. Our Marketing

Outreach Specialist understands SEO principles and what a ‘white hat’ approach entails with respect

to our potential digital partners.

Key areas and specific day-to-day responsibilities include:
Outreach and Representation:
o Contacting website owners and webmasters by email, phone and social targeting,
convincing them to help us promote our software
o Performing all communication development, outreach, marketing, public relations,
and media duties relating to, as required

Research and Recommendations:
o Finding and evaluating outreach targets, based on quality and reputation
o Developing and implementing an annual outreach plan that includes promotional and
educational strategies, ensuring we’re link building the right way, creating long-term value for the business
o Staying current with trends and techniques for promotion, including impact to SEO

o Generating weekly reports for the SEM Manager, showing successes, progress and opportunities

Content/Program Development & Execution:
o Developing and implementing all outreach and marketing activities, campaigns, and strategies to promote
o Managing tactical and logistical activities associated with outreach programs

How we measure success:
The success of your role will primarily be measured by the number of new users that signup for our software each week, as a result of your outreach efforts.

Desired skills and experiences:
2+ years of digital marketing
1+ years of link building and outreach, with proven results
Hands-on experiences with web analytics tools e.g. Google Analytics, Mixpanel
Passion and fascination for developing an online presence, showing an understanding of basic SEO principles
Outstanding written and verbal communication skills
Must have the ability to effectively prepare and present information to various groups, delivering high-quality communications designed to inspire your target prospect
Knowledge of marketing principles to develop and implement strategies to promote
Organized, detail orientated

These job descriptions are examples. Looking for work?

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