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Marketing Operations Manager

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This top social media company is looking for someone to fill this operational role supporting a team of privacy program managers and product marketing managers, with critical tactical support.

Responsibilities include:

1. Maintain Launch Calendar: Own company-wide launch calendar, including:
* Run weekly launch calendar meeting with stakeholders from marketing & communications
* Generate weekly report/slide for management team showing key upcoming launches
* Work with Product Marketing Managers, Privacy Program Managers, and Product Managers to make sure launch calendar is kept up to date and that products/events are not duplicated

2. Support Privacy and Product Marketing operations: Coordinate and manage team-wide processes and activities, including:
* Meetings, offsites, calendars, trainings, budgets, planning exercises, etc.

3. Mobile Release Privacy Process: Review all mobile release feature candidates, categorize into appropriate groups/verticals, and route to appropriate Privacy Program Managers.
* Work with Technical Program Managers and review tasks to identify upcoming mobile release features for iOS and Messenger
* Create and maintain document outlining features in upcoming mobile releases and notify relevant Privacy Program Managers for each release

4. Compliance: Serve as Privacy Program Management team point of contact for bi-annual audits and conduct product implementation reviews.
* Implementation Reviews
*Each month, work with privacy team to select 12-15 products to review.
*Coordinate with Product Managers, Product Specialists & engineers to obtain necessary documentation showing privacy decisions were implemented.
*Review product documentation provided to ensure that decisions were implemented.
*Ensure that our list of products that launched in the previous 6 months is kept accurate, including working with Product Managers/Product Specialists to keep track of launch dates
*Produce documents requested by our auditors, such as privacy XFN emails and proof that our privacy decisions were implemented
*Assist legal with other compliance-related requests

5. Prepare powerpoints and take notes for weekly meetings.

-Exceptionally strong organizational, operational, and communication skills.
-Proficiency with Microsoft Word, Outlook, Excel, and Powerpoint; Apple Keynote; and Facebook products.

College Degree

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