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Marketing Integration Specialist

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Marketing Integration Specialist 
The Marketing Integration Specialist will be responsible for supporting two key Marketing work streams: Seasonal Marketing Campaigns and the Enhanced Vendor Marketing Program. The Specialist will play a key role in facilitating these bodies of work, with specific project examples being: Campaign overview reports, Creative routing, Vendor partnership reports. 

1 - Proficiency at Microsoft Office Suite (specifically Excel, Powerpoint) 

2- Excellent communication (Verbal & written) 

3- Project management skillset 


- 3-5 years’ experience in Marketing

Length of assignment: 4 months, 40 hrs/wk 
Office Location: Kent, WA 
Team size: 11 
Desired start date: 05/1/17 
End date:8/31/17 

Ideal candidate: Detail oriented, collaborative, excellent communication, nimble learner, flexible 

Required soft skills: Positive and motivated outlook, ability to drive through ambiguity at times 

Why is this role open, how long, challenges, etc.? This role will cover projects typically managed by our Specialist, who will be out on maternity leave throughout the summer 

Where is this project at in terms of stage gates (if applicable)? Some projects will be picked up mid-stream (Seasonal Marketing Campaigns), others will be starting at beginning (2018 Vendor Marketing Partnership development) 

What would the specific day to day responsibilities be for the position? Varies, but would include: Communicating with cross-functional teams via email, capturing data and inputs into presentations, routing creative proofs, attending meetings with Marketing teams. 

Software this person would they be using, Level of experience? # yrs? Advanced skills in Microsoft Office Suite 

What initiative/project would they be contributing to? Vendor Marketing Partnerships, Seasonal Campaign Development and Support 

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