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Marketing Integration Project Manager

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Our client is seeking a consultant to play a key role on their Arizona Marketing Team. This role – collaborating with the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), local marketing leaders, and cross-enterprise partners - will be focused on marketing projects and the integration of strategic marketing plans and activities for all lines of their business designed to drive the goals and objectives of the Arizona business strategy.

This position is a good match for an experienced marketing candidate who is passionate about supporting the Marketing team. He/She will need to:

• Understand the demands on and contributions expected of each player on the team.
• Be highly organized and efficient
• Be a project and detail manager by nature
• Enjoy enabling the Team with the tools and support required to be successful
• Appreciate strategy but also enjoy execution of work
• Bring strong interpersonal skills
• Understand personality dynamics
• Have a high level of organizational agility
• Be comfortable in a large matrixed organization
• Able to easily take direction and run with it, and have a “can do” attitude.

Key Responsibilities:

In collaboration with the CMO and local marketing leadership, be accountable for Arizona Marketing Management Processes including but not limited to the following, (as discrete projects and initiatives will emerge with the evolution of the business and marketing strategies):

Marketing Integration:
Project Manager is responsible for working with team members to support their individual marketing strategies by integrating marketing efforts and managing timelines, budgets and follow up.

• Integrate existing individual business marketing strategies and plans into a single view plan to identify synergies, opportunities and risks
• Incorporate cross functional/business plans into a comprehensive Annual Planning document (1 year view) –with meeting Agenda, facilitate Document Development process and updates, develop and maintain subsequent score cards.
• Manage “Open Items” List and execute necessary follow-up to ensure they identify, maintain and execute on all critical deliverables
• Manage high-level Arizona Marketing activity calendar/timelines to keep the team and necessary deliverables on track
• Manage the monthly Marketing Operational Report, reflective of cross-functional, cross-business work aligned to their success measures
• Marketing Budget: monthly management and cross check to Annual plan and raise risks to plan, recommend efficiencies

Team Connectivity:
Project Manager is responsible for connecting dynamic team to help manage projects and facilitate communication through regular touch points.

• Facilitate the weekly What’s Hot call – Agenda and follow up, as needed, on the Open Items
• CMO’s Leadership Team meetings - Collaborate with CMO on his agenda and follow up, as needed, on Open Items
• Facilitate Bi-Weekly Local Team meeting – Agenda and follow up as needed on Open Items
• Facilitate Monthly Arizona Marketing Call – Agenda and follow up, as needed, on Open Items
• Facilitate Quarterly Business Reviews – Agenda, coordination of presentation materials and incorporate Open Items into biweekly/monthly team/AZ marketing calls
• Facilitate Bi-Annual Marketing Center Of Excellence 2-day sessions – Agenda, meeting coordination, coordination of presentation materials, incorporate Open Items into monthly AZ marketing calls

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