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Marketing Coordinator/Project Manager

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Creative Project/Marketing Coordinator
Job Description

A creative project/marketing coordinator is responsible for coordinating all aspects of a creative project, and managing marketing activities for the department, collaborating with multiple team members and communicating with more than one department within the organization.

• Creative project coordinators will manage or oversee the activities and assignments of the creative team/staff, and work with other departments within the organization, to help build and maintain a brand/image and sell products/services. They interact with clients, staffers and upper management on a regular basis, focusing on the positive aspects of the department. They are aware of the department's history and play a large role in its future, keeping an eye on the competition and analyzing trends within their industry. While creative project coordinators aren't salesmen, they do often come up with innovative ways to make sales/garner business.

• Creative project coordinators must be highly innovative and clever when it comes to developing strategies aimed at improving the department's marketing mission. They need to be organized, analytical, energetic, persuasive and resilient. Also, if the creative project coordinator is in charge of a staff, s/he must feel comfortable offering instructions and getting employees to perform at a high level. Other than that, creative project coordinators should be functional in both Mac and PC platforms, digital applications/software, online tools, DAMS and website content management, since much of their promotional efforts are done via the department website, as well as through email.

• Every project must have a time line, and it's the responsibility of the creative project coordinator to develop that detailed schedule and ensure that all aspects of the project stay on task. This schedule should include every phase of the project, including time/cost estimates, creative brief/project request completion/approvals, concept reviews, deadlines for materials from clients, review dates/times, revisions process, stage approvals, and contingency options.

• The creative project coordinator is responsible for organizing and coordinating meetings, often between departments and companies and making travel arrangements if needed. S/He must prepare the topic and materials presented at each meeting and is in charge of taking the meeting's minutes and distributing updates. Sometimes the creative project coordinator will delegate those duties to other staffers if s/he is unable to attend meetings.

• Throughout the course of the project, the creative project coordinator is in charge of keeping track of any changes, progress and issues, and adjusting the schedule and other project details as necessary. This includes notifying other departments or staffers if needed. The creative project coordinator should direct the creative team to consistently compile all of the project details and developments in a summary profile within the internal DAMS ensuring that everyone is up-to-date.

• A creative project coordinator is responsible for ensuring all aspects of the project adhere to the agreed upon timeframe/budget, and s/he is typically responsible for presenting expense reports at coordinated meetings. The creative project coordinator assesses how each step of the project and all labor has affected finances and the overall timeframe/budget, as well as any cost variances, to ensure that projects stay on track financially.

• The creative project coordinator, working alongside the Department/Project manager, will develop and implement a marketing and promotion strategy to advertise the products and services of the department across other areas of the organization. This strategy will include website presence enhancements/updates, social media aspects, email communications, and introduction meetings.

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