Marketing Communications Manager

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Marketing Communications Manager

Position Description:

Manages the tactical execution of promotional programs from a creative,
strategic and logistical standpoint by interaction with internal
customers, agencies, and other outside vendors. This involves planning,
directing, and implementing the brand’s marketing communications
activities with multiple disciplines.

Major tasks and responsibilities of position:

1. Manage the Planning/Development of Promotional Material
• Participate in strategic planning and development meetings for
promotional materials (including CLM and E-Marketing).
• Manages timelines for the development of POA meeting material and
ensures they are developed and delivered on time and within budget.
• Manage timelines for convention panel development and ensure that
materials are provided and shipped.
• Assist in the development of tactics and provide cross-functional
direction (vendors, new team member, agencies).
• Evaluate and make recommendations on vendor estimates.
• Attend and provide input for tactical team meetings.
• Screen and evaluate potential and current vendors.
• Provide direction to agencies and other vendors.
• Ensure consistency of brand image in all programs, events and
promotional pieces.

2. Manage the LMR Review of materials:
• Review materials to ensure completeness and readiness for review.
• Champion materials through the LMR review process and facilitate
• Ensure adherence to LMR process rules and guidelines.
• Communicate changes to vendors and ensure that the LMR requested
changes are made. This is a responsibility share by all members of
Marcom as well as the brand team.
• Review metric reporting with Associate Director to ensure
compliance with the LMR SOP.
• Oversee (and assist) Specialist in maintaining the Approve system
documents and appropriately updated and close out jobs.
• Acts as the process liaison between external agencies and vendors
and internal customers regard SOP for LMR.

3. Manage print production of promotional materials:
• Provide direction to the print production department within
• Manage the project from execution through completion.
• Responsible for print/production vendor selection and to ensure
that three bids are obtained and provided to procurement.
• Proofs documents prior to the release for production to ensure
that they are 100% consistent with the final version.
• Maintains accurate and updated files for disk release and samples
in house.
• Reviews estimates and negotiate terms. Initiates the PO process
and ensures status chanages (project cancellation, changed committed
amount etc.)g.
• Identify and initiate resolution of discrepancies in vendor
estimates and billing.
• Provide direction to print production vendors and warehouse.
• May reconcile project budgets.

4. CLM
• Manage the planning, development and execution for CLM.
• Oversee and provide direction to agencies and other vendors on
the design of assets and manage timelines and rollout to field.

5. Manage Distribution, Inventory and Fulfillment:
• Provide direction to fulfillment vendors on logistics for timely
POA shipments to the field force.
• Determine quantities for distributions.
• Management of fulfillment vendor and yearly SOW.
• Manage promotional materials inventory which may involve
resolving issues and discrepancies.
• Manage and maintain Parcel Port inventory.
• Oversee inventory and ensure the destruction of material as
• Handles reprint ordering.

6. Other Accountabilities:
• May oversee Marketing Communications Specialist (may also include
consultants in Marketing Communications.)
• Assist with the management of the other brand specific programs
i.e. text book initiative, direct mail programs etc. .
• Respond to special requests from vendors and agencies or internal
vendors (e.g. Sales training, field forces, brands, LMR team members

Main objectives of the function?
The Marcom Manager manages the
logistical development of promotional programs and contributes to the
creative and strategic nature of the programs by interacting with the
marketing teams, external agencies, vendors and member of the
Medical, Legal and Regulatory review team.

Work relations:
Unit Head, LMR, Product Managers, Product Directors, Legal, Regulatory,
Quality and Supply Chain

Qualifications :
Position requires a Bachelors Degree with a minimum of 5 years
experience in advertising, medical education or Pharmaceutical
Knowledge of FDA guidelines for pharmaceutical advertising
and promotion.