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Marketing Communications Account Specialist

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Agency Account Specialist – hard working, hyper organized, get-it-done account team player who also knows how to juggle – strategies, campaigns, budgets and timelines.

Sound like you? You’re making marketing your career. And the industry and brands you’ve worked on are definitely better for it. You owe it to those few years spent as an account exec at an advertising agency, marketing firm or other similar opportunity. But you always look for ways to up your game. You’re a solid player who can work strategies, schedules and budgets. And you’re an MVP when it comes to sharing ideas and opportunities, but you’re looking to do more. So you continue to sharpen your skills reading blogs and articles on the latest marketing trends – and you’re eager to share what you find. You’re not afraid to throw in a new process idea, untapped media opportunity or innovative tactic. But most importantly, you understand that you’re part of a team. And that team works best when everyone works hard, works together and keeps their eye on the goal of developing world-class marketing.

What’s not to like? Well, we are not fans of massive egos. We believe great ideas don’t know where they come from. So credit or not, you’re just happy that your thinking and doing made a difference.

We’re a one-of-a-kind agency. It has a lot to do with the fact that this company is a one-of-a-kind health and wellness brand. Our people are above average, too. Many of our account management and creative folks come from some well-known marketing, advertising, interactive and public relations agencies and other diverse backgrounds.

A one-of-a-kind goal. Our number one pursuit is to do what we can to champion and support the lives of customers and brokers – through brilliant marketing and communications, of course. We do that by partnering with Business Units, Sales Organizations and other important groups. And by working to make the company brand, its products and services well known and loved by multiple audiences – to the point that our customers just can’t stop talking about us to everyone they know. The skills of our team are broad and deep, but never considered complete. That’s where you come in.

The all-important nitty-gritty.

Your job – should the chemistry be great for both of us. It’s to be an Account Specialist who is responsible for supporting the Customer Retention and Local Marketing Campaigns for this Direct-to-Consumer team. You will work with our internal partners including those in Marketing Strategy, Brand, Creative, Digital, PR, Research, Customer Experience, Corporate, Social Media, and Events & Sponsorships – to help create stand-up marketing that stands out in the minds of our clients and customers. Oh, and this occasionally requires the support of external partners, too. So, you’ll develop and support relationships with marketing and advertising agencies, printers and multimedia production houses. Driving all of this is your amazing ability to support the development and execution of compelling campaigns. Did we mention timely, flawless and on budget? That’s a given. As is a desire to constantly improve the results of all we do.

What we want you to do (duties and responsibilities)

• Support the development and execution of integrated communication plans and development of supporting communications that provide compelling reasons for prospects, customers and brokers to expand their relationship with this company.

• Work in close partnership with Creative partners to deliver on business need. Including the development of Project Proposals, Creative Briefs and kick-offs and support production schedules and budget estimates.

• Work closely with key matrix partners in Segment Marketing to bring forth this company’s most differentiating market messages in multiple formats for sales to use in a variety of situations.

• Execute customized presentations and other marketing tools and communications tailored to individual prospects and customers.

• Continually generate ideas and opportunities to innovate, which can include process, media, tactics, and other ideas intended to improve this company's competitive position in marketing communications.

• Identify and/or support critical opportunities to communicate to internal audiences and provide editing/review support to ensure consistency of messaging.

• Secure final sign-offs from subject matter experts, project owners and compliance/legal team.

• Measure effectiveness of current communication strategies and tactics and recommend change as needed to properly support the channel and the customers.

• Partner with Brand to ensure consistency of voice across business advertising/communications and leverage Brand campaigns to support business goals.

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