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Maps Data Analyst

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This role will audit the search quality for the Maps of this large tech giant and its Local search team.  Not only are you the human element of the computer's algorithms, and provide necessary feedback on how to make them more successful, you are the judge of the judges, providing them feedback, and making sure that they are getting accurate answers for the larger team.

You will assist with the following responsibilities:

Perform curation on search quality for the Maps and Local search team. Problem solve, and answer important questions about the data.


Project scope includes:

• Curate Maps and Local data by labeling it to the appropriate categories within the taxonomy by specific deliverable dates

• Curate Maps and Local data by generating the detail descriptions by specific deliverable dates

• Maintain and curate taxonomy category definitions and keywords via category definition tool. Ensure that definitions are clear, consistent and accurate so that internal and external customers’ needs are met

• Help build specific machine learning models by creating training and testing data.

• Perform quality review checks of data classification/generation tasks performed by external and in-house team members. Determine if team members are properly adhering to task guidelines, are accurately tagging the data, and provide specific feedback when quality issues are detected

• Map data provider categories to internal taxonomy. Investigate and verify that mappings are accurate for Bing Local's business needs

• Review and curate taxonomy category synonyms using synonym curation tool

• Respond to external and in-house team members’ questions on the data classification process via classification tools on a daily basis

• Collaborate with fellow SMEs on classification tasks, category definitions/keywords, and the overall classification process

• Help provide language and cultural understanding for market(s) and region(s) assigned

• Services on other data-oriented tasks for on an as needed basis.


Job requirements:

• Good research and data analyst skills: SQL, Python, R (any experience with scripting languages are great)

• Microsoft office, including Excel skills

• Problem solving skills

These job descriptions are examples. Looking for work?

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