Manager Content Strategist

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Skill and Role Summary:
Develop strategy, user experience and visual design for new client website navigation based on user needs instead of organizational structure. The needs based navigation is expected to improve user experience and provide a more organized access to client’s products and services.


During the digital scorecard project at the end of last year, “needs based navigation” ranked highly as a recommended tactic that should be implemented by client. Along with this recommendation client completed a new site launch in February of 2012. The navigation that was agreed upon at that point was validated internally and tested. As a result, the client will focus on the primary navigation on the new site which will minimize the need for an extensive approval process across business lines. At the same time, the client will assess whether making updates to secondary and tertiary navigation is possible.

Our client believes that aligning products and services to a needs based approach will allow client customers to locate product and service information more quickly and efficiently than they are able to now. A needs based approach will provide intuitive navigation that should help with overall conversion on the website.

Main duties and responsibilities:

-Providing content strategy recommendations to clients based on information obtained through content inventories, current-state analysis, site audits, competitive assessments, user testing, and Website metrics
-Gleaning content requirements for an organization through analysis, content inventories and audits, current-state assessments and stakeholder analysis; and, forming gaps and issues analysis for future-state recommendations
-Understanding the role of content, not only within the Web and marketing channels, but within the enterprise as a whole, and designing towards solutions to reflect those requirements.
-Understanding how to build Taxonomies and/or Thesauri
-Designing workflows for publication and content lifecycle processes that include: content acquisition; content creation; review and approval cycles; localization models; content publishing; content analysis and content optimization and/or content archival
-Overseeing content migration and creating or reviewing associated documentation
-Defining and helping clients establish content governance models from stakeholder interviews
-Defining and helping clients establish metrics to measure the efficacy of content solutions including: ROI, content/brand integrity, content accuracy and relevance, efficiencies gained in content lifecycle improvements
-Understanding any number of content technologies including: content management systems, metadata and taxonomy management tools, migration tools, analytics tools
-Helping to come up with CMS tools/vendor selection with members of the Technology team, and understanding how to translate user and business requirements into this process
-Creating or reviewing Website structure and nomenclature for the most intuitive presentation of content
-Knowing how to design for content intelligence to enable: personalization, semantic Web, portable/nimble/agile content, parametric navigation/search.
-Understanding how to create a content strategy roadmap and plan for clients
-Establishing and/or maintaining editorial standards and accuracy/quality of content
-Creating and/or implementing an editorial calendar to align site releases with product launches, seasonal promotions, and more
-Generating or overseeing a content matrix for all content assets within the proposed solution, including related assets
-Planning, estimating, scoping content strategy work and working with a Project Manager to tracking tasks as needed
-Understanding how to drive and manage change that comes about from new content solutions, such as production and governance changes within an organization