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Linguist/Script Write

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We need script writers for upgrading response quality based in Mountain View.

This script writer will mainly do 3 different jobs.

> Research and Suggest every responding scenarios that Voice Interaction UI or Voice Agent will provide to our customers in our Smart TV models.

> Write the quality command and response script which have both linguistic attraction and usability.
1. Command script is a sort of natural language that might user to say to the Voice Agent in the TV.
(This is some sort of the capability of our Voice UI, so many other personnels in HQ work for this but we need
a consultant to pick the recommending expressions for guiding user).

2. Response script is what the Voice Agent will actually say to the users.
(Error informs and suggest alternatives. Backup questions to comprehend user's intention.
Express personality of Voice Agent - I'll give more information about the persona things later to them).

> Guide the translation to other languages that we have to cover. Managing the translation quality.
It is better for them to know many languages but not required.
Precise communication with the translation personnel in HQ or overseas corporation is enough.

To acheive this goal, I recommend these kind of qualifications or experiences to work with us:

- Need backgrounds about socio-linguistic human verbal interaction for years.
- Need experiences or understandings about Human - Device(computer) interaction as well.
- A native English speaker that deeply understands spoken languages in these days.
- Need to perform or co-work with user testers for scenario & response verification.

- Good to know many foreign spoken languages.
[Better to know Top 12]
US English, UK English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Poland, Dutch, Russian,
Mandarin(CHN), Brazilian Portuguese, Korean
[Next Top 10]
Mexican Spanish, Canadian French, Danish, Finnish, Norweigian, Swedish, Portuguese,
Australian English, Mandarin(TPE), Cantonese(HK),

Relevant experience

German Read Write Speak
English Read Write Speak
French Read Write Speak
Korean Read Write Speak

These job descriptions are examples. Looking for work?

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