Junior Agent

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Once upon a time, there was an awesome company filled with people who genuinely loved helping others. This company spent 25 years getting better and better at what they did: Creative Staffing. They lived it, they breathed it – and they thrived.
Then one day that awesome company thought, “Hey, why not grow a NEW team dedicated to servicing some of our hippest design customers?”

And thus was born their newest role. And they called it “The Talent Agent”.

They knew this role would be critical to their growth, so this Talent Agent would have some big responsibilities:
• Build and maintain strong network of “A-List” Creative Talent through social media and face-to-face networking
• Champion those Talent by actively marketing them to clients and internal sales teams
• Expand and leverage your Creative subject matter expertise to match the best Talent with the needs of our clients
• Deliver fanatical customer service through diligent and consistent quality checks with clients and Talent
• Actively participate and network with professionals within the design community to stay on top of industry trends and share your knowledge with others
• Respond with remarkable speed and quality to incoming client requests while proactively finding work for Talent on an ongoing basis
• Exceed customer and internal expectations by providing daily communication and creative solutions to problems, always bringing a can-do attitude
• Be an incredible team player who works hard to help our team, our Talent, and our clients as we all get smarter and grow, grow, grow!