Jr. Web Designer (1311-1)

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This is a new sub-department within e-commerce experience, currently with 14 people.
This department is fast paced, e-commerce savvy, content and creative backgrounds in e-commerce, optimization and graphic work for the web.

Project Description:
Web Designer 1s are responsible for updating and maintaining design and layout of website; creating and optimizing graphical assets for web site display and other online marketing efforts. Will participate in the planning and development of new content and will be responsible for employing design standards set by company/department style guides. Will be required to manage concurrent design and production efforts in conjunction with a cross-functional team.

1) creating and optimizing web or site marketing graphical assets 50%
2) Implementation of graphical assets, HTML as needed 25%
3) participating in the planning, development and tracking of new content 15%
4) updating and maintaining design and layout of website and other duties as assigned 10%

What would a normal day for this position look like?
Pulling up sku records, assessing and optimizing these images, PhotoShop images, processing images. HTML coding for web content, planning & development of new content

Must Haves
1. Adobe Photo Suite
2. SuiteMust have working familiarity with HTML, and have an understanding of streaming video
3. 1+ year experience working as a graphic artist/web designer in an e-commerce environment

1. Adobe PhotoSuite or equivalent.
2. Familiarity with WYSIWIG is a plus!
3. Must have working knowledge of HTML

Candidate must enjoy working in a collaborative, team environment