Internal/External Communications Specialist

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This is a fantastic opportunity for an experienced Communications Specialist to assist with a growing market and provide communications for internal and external audiences.

Strategic internal and external communications leader responsible for the development, management and evolution of enterprise wide internal and leadership communications; member communications both online and offline addressing enrollment, post enrollment / onboarding, and renewal; and public relations and media relations.

Healthcare experience required
Excellent writing skills required

The position will collaborate with the following stakeholder groups:
• national and regional line of business leaders;
• regional corporate, media/public relations and marketing communication leaders and their staffs;
• national exchange leaders and communicators
• national marketing leaders
• national media and public relations;
• national internal communications/corporate communications;
• regional and national line of business leaders;
• member/customers service leaders;
• regional and national community benefit leaders
Key accountabilities include:
1) Identify business strategies and initiatives that require the development of communications plans (internal, enrollment/marketing, and public/media relations) to achieve organizational business goals
2) Ensure execution of strategic communications plans in support of business strategies in conjunction with key stakeholders; ensure reporting; and manage issues escalation to support transparency
3) Coordinate the development of budgets in support of the communication plans
4) Create processes and opportunities for cross regional and cross functional alignment to leverage national communications and marketing resources and programs via a communications community of practice and other key meetings and forum; provide leadership to the communications COP
5) Create internal communications and materials targeting organizational leaders and other key stakeholders to help achieve organizational goals.
6) Engage public relations and media relations leaders to support federal and state advocacy around issues and to achieve specific goals related to community benefit, exchanges, and health care reform.
7) Identify opportunities for creating consistent communications to support the enrollment, onboarding/post enrollment, and renewal of members
8) Develop programs and processes to help ensure compliance with all state and Federal requirements related to communications programs.
9) Align Medicaid and Medicare communications around the dual eligible strategy and support implementation
10) Understand the Medicaid competitive and regulatory environment; be an expert on the consumer population; and serve as the single ‘go to” communications / market facing expert that national and regional stakeholders can rely on for direction, advice, issues resolution, and regional / national engagement