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Interactive Media Producer

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Our client is looking for someone awesome to manage the 'flow' of their interactive media in their downtown office in Chicago. The Interactive Media Producer, is chiefly responsible for the way our products feel. As such, they must marry their media production skills with a firm grasp of conditional logic. The result from this marriage is a precisely timed, seamless, wonderfully engaging interactive conversation. By piecing together approximately one bazillion media assets (sound effects, voice talent audio, text, art and other elements) per conversation, the digital media producers will help them manage their branching interactive experiences via their proprietary authoring environment.


• Ensure the seamlessness, ease of use, and ease of understanding of our interactive conversations.
• Manage the basic conditional logic of our products to ensure a unique, individualized experience for every user.
• Collaborate with multimedia professionals (including artists and composers) to create an engaging, delightful experience.
• Record and master all audio elements in a production. This includes directing voice talent and utilizing sound effects.
• Coordinate with programmers to integrate more complicated logic.
• Review bug reports and triage them with our QA department.


• Pay outrageous attention to detail. Seeing as you’re the master of how our products feel, that means you must be detail-oriented in regard to timing, text placement and overall ease of understanding.
• Have very strong logic and troubleshooting skills.
• Have great creative judgment. You’ll need to know funny, polished, clever, and clear when you see it, and when you don’t, how to get to it.
• Be tech-savvy. You will be working primarily in our proprietary authoring tool, so the ability to learn new technology quickly is a must.
• Have a strong work ethic and a mind for deadlines. Our projects run on strict schedules, and you (like everyone else in this joint) must possess amazing time management skills and the ability to produce high-quality work under tight deadline constraints.
• Possess outstanding communication and listening skills. The ability to give and take direction positively and constructively is key to what we do around here.
• Be a collaborative contributor. To be a Flowmaster, it’s important to work well with an interdependent team.
• Be flexible. Being able to improvise and rework under tight deadlines is essential.


You should have experience with / knowledge of:
• Time-based media editing and production programs, specifically Adobe CS production tools.
• Leading projects and collaborating with small creative teams.
• Understanding of, and interest in, interactive media.
• Media management and organization skills.
• Basic design principles: composition, use of space, work with typography, legibility.
You will get bonus points for experience with:
• User Experience Design and/or Interaction Design.
• Any experience with HTML 5 / CSS 3 / JavaScript.
• Directing Voice Talent.
• Creating motion graphics animations with Adobe After Effects.
• Any video production experience: lighting, recording, audio.

If interested please apply with samples and resume. Looking forward to chatting with you!

These job descriptions are examples. Looking for work?

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