Interactive Designer

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Job Description
Our client, a world leader and innovator in pioneering high technology, is seeking a creative Digital Artist that will work with their business team on ecommerce pages, affiliate program, and email marketing campaigns. This individual works efficiently with a versatile set of skills including but not limited to wireframing, brainstorming website layouts, creating layered compositions, implementing interactive web design, and image compression for the web.

· Visualize and conceptualize wireframes into layered creative mock-ups
· Frequently compare their site against the industry standard for aesthetics, typography, interactivity, and design trends –provide frequent recommendations.
· Provide assistance with basic web design tasks using HTML and CSS

• Bachelor’s degree in Digital Arts or a related field, or equivalent experience
• 3 years minimum experience with graphic design, typography, and web interactivity
• Experience using the latest versions of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator
• Extremely organized and maintains logical file structure, layered files, and filenames
• Self-starter, highly motivated to make things happen and facilitate change
• Proven track record for creativity
· Showcase an impressive portfolio for graphic design, website layouts, and typography

Plus Factors
· Experience with web animation (HTML5, Javascript, After Effects, or Animated gifs)
· General knowledge of the front-end web development process
· Development knowledge of HTML5 and CSS3
• Knowledge of web standards and their best practices
· A deep understanding of color harmony
• Experience creating graphics for open source web projects
· Experience using an SVN repository for working with multiple people
· Experience using a content management system
· Experience with Microsoft Sharepoint’s ticketing system