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In-House Agency Operations Associate

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Agency Operations Associate - Fast learner, great listener, good with numbers, organized with a keen eye for an effective process, and hard worker who will stop at nothing to get the job done.

Sound like you? You are looking for just the right opportunity to get in on the ground floor to learn just how an agency operates from the numbers side of things. And while you're still learning the ropes, you've got a solid foundation. You've been schooled in business, accounting, and/or finance. You communicate well and can navigate your way around spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations. You've already spent time in the field of accounting or finance, perhaps at an agency or in a corporate setting. You know you've got a lot to learn and you're eager, tenacious and hungry to succeed. In short, you're a sponge with a body, mind and soul focused on making things happen.

We're a one-of-a-kind agency. Our people are above average, too. Many of our team come from some well-known marketing, advertising, interactive and public relations agencies and other diverse backgrounds. So you'll get to learn a lot from people with a lot of experience.

A one-of-a-kind goal. Our number one pursuit is to do what we can to champion and support the lives of our customers and clients - through brilliant marketing and communications, of course. We do that by partnering with the business Units, Sales Organization and other important groups to make the brand, it's products and services well known and loved by multiple audiences - to the point that our customers just can't stop talking about us to everyone they know. Efficient operational processes are a critical component supporting this goal. We deliver the analysis and the reconciliation that helps to make everything run smoothly and increase efficiency.

The all-important nitty-gritty.
Your job - should the chemistry be great for both of us.
It's to be an Agency Operations Associate who will work closely with our agency staff to support the many vital functions of keeping an agency up and running. You'll help support with agency budgeting processes, internal and external regulatory and compliance processes, information gathering and reporting and other office tasks that support the overall operation of the agency and agency staff. A basic understanding of communications strategies, methods and processes is a great foundation as you learn more about developing communications. You also need to know how to work well with others, how to communicate effectively in what you say, and how you put it on paper and in email. That is key in your pursuit to learning about the different roles within the agency and to help build strong relationships with the internal team members, clients and partners.

What we want you to do (duties and responsibilities)
• Support agency budget and control processes including expense and revenue tracking, reconciliation, expense management, reporting and issue resolution.

• Produce client-specific and agency scorecards, tracking results against operational goals and providing resource efficiency metrics. Support preparation of monthly Scorecard Highlights.

• Support annual Client Satisfaction Survey process through distribution of surveys, consolidation of results for presentation in various formats for management.

• Identify improvement opportunities for budgeting, reconciliation, compliance and other operational processes.

• Support the coordination and management of agency staff meetings, including gathering new hire, anniversary and recognition data, creation of presentation deck, being familiar with utilizing technology for hosting multi-location webinars.

• Support state and federal regulatory and compliance processes to ensure team compliance with the development, filing and recordkeeping for all communications and compliance with “Do Not Contact”, information protection, business continuity, records management and role based access processes.

• Support agency staff with space needs and access to systems.

• Effectively manage projects assigned to you.

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