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We’re looking for highly skilled artist/illustrator for a top notch image restoration business.

Who You Are:

You are an expert in photoshop, image editing, color adjustment, heavy composite work.
You are comfortable working with digital renders as an added component of the final image.
You have a portfolio of your illustrative work.
You have a strong understanding of light and shadow to create two dimensional pictures.
You are comfortable creating artificial shadows when needed.
You have a solid understanding of file types/sizes, print colors and production adjustments.
You have a basic knowledge of print productions and web standards.
You are able to hand draw using a Wacom Tablet.


2 to 3 years of relevant experience.
Experience in commercial photo retouch and composite work.
Fast to solve composite issues creatively.
Able to work creatively with the assets provided.
Diligent, flexible and highly organized.
Manage projects independently.
Can start as a contractor or freelancer with the potential to become fulltime.