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Graphic Designer

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Our client is an online fashion brand with head offices in London. Their small graphic design team of 3 play a crucial role as, in the absence of bricks and mortar, all sales are made from the presentation of products on-line and in the catalogues.

They spend most of their time in InDesign for both catalogue work and email for designs, and Photoshop to realise any designs that are destined for web or email. Historically they have outsourced the build of their HTML emails to an external agency however they have successfully started to bring this in-house, so although the new teammate will essentially be a graphic designer they will also need to be very comfortable with HTML and CSS.

It is a fast paced environment. As a team, for both brands they are responsible for the design of all catalogues, media inserts, weekly HTML emails and the design and functionality of their web sites. Being part of such a small yet critical team offers a rare sense of ownership. It is also exciting to be working alongside the fashion designers and the production team, right through to the photo shoots that they commission themselves, the subsequent retouching and then carrying everything right through repro to print.

The new designer will need to acquire and demonstrate an understanding of their brands and their respective customers, through use of typography, colour choice and layout. They are lucky to be working with extremely high-end photography and their job is to present the brand to the customers in the best way possible.

The ideal candidate is at the mid weight end of junior and will have proven layout and typography skills across both long-document and email design and have a strong understanding of the design side of ecommerce. This will need to be visible in their portfolios.

Essential Attributes:

- Independence is crucial. They don’t have project managers, so management of a designer’s workflow is done independently. They work as a team and support each other, but assigned projects are often solo projects.

- Vigilance. Dependency on others to check accuracy of work is not an option. Work will be checked of course, but will be expected to be accurate first time around.

- In-house experience would be ideal. This is not 100% essential but would go a long way towards understanding the dynamic of the environment.

- They are a multidisciplinary team. Artworkers, Designers, Web Designers or even Retouchers… it depends on the project. Someone who has experience across these disciplines would be perfect.

- A maturity/sophistication to the design work in your portfolio would be ideal in order to meet the needs of the demographic of their brands.

Salary to £28k.

These job descriptions are examples. Looking for work?

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