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Giant Brand Designer Brain

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Our client has an immediate need for brains Brian(ne), Compelling Bait Brand Designer. Whomever this Giant Designer Brain is, they MUST have a stunning portfolio!

The Giant Designer Brain LOVES beautiful typography and thinks that napkins are only good for quick doodles when there is nothing more substantial nearby.

Even though Giant Designer Brain has stumbled around in the middle of the zombie apocalypse for months, its outfit is impeccable and very strictly color-coordinated. The Giant Designer Brain still carries a satchel full of pencils and sketchbooks even though its arms don’t quite function like they used to.

Before it turned, Giant Designer Brain was a talented, motivated, and passionate creative professional. It worked at a mid-sized corporation with a clean brand identity that it was REALLY good at translating over different media.

The Giant Designer Brain was a leader, on top of his game. Now it wanders the streets looking for inspiring brains to nosh on.

The Giant Designer Brain’s Key Qualities:
• Brings forth a large amount of “oohs” and “ahhs” from his colleagues when they see his client pitches
• Demonstrates ability for conceptual thinking and design backed up by a portfolio full of fresh, clean and sophisticated work.
• Has the conceptual and technical skills and possess superior typographical talent,
• As well as a strong knack for communication and organization,
• And the ability to work within strict brand guidelines
• Is a genius with the Adobe Creative Suite, particularly InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator

The Giant Designer Brain is incredibly AMAZING at designing:
• signage
• identity
• guidelines
• packaging
• flyers
• brochures
• direct mail
• invitations
• exhibits
• events
• point of sale
• newsletters
• presentations and other communications

Minimum Requirements:
• 3-6 years of experience designing in agency environment, design firm, or freelance.
• Familiarity with multiple design disciplines and mediums.
• Possess strong conceptual and technical skills including superior typography and attention to detail and layout experience.
• Demonstrated strong communication and organization.
• Experience working within brand guidelines and developing standards.
• An understanding of the importance of executional consistency and the ability to both challenge and champion them.
Local Candidates Only.
Must have a portfolio to be considered.

Deep thinkers, team players and professional jugglers are strongly encouraged to apply.

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