Game Forum Moderator

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Looking for an experienced customer-focused community operations specialist to join the Game Community Team to support community experiences and operations for the series. You will work with a veteran and experienced community team to help engage, assist, and interact with the gaming community.

Guided by the Community Manager, you will be responsible for keeping the community informed of current and upcoming events, work with the community team to create and execute exciting new engagement opportunities, and help provide customers with world-class customer service. This is a rare opportunity to join a seasoned, passionate, and creatively driven team working on an exciting and growing franchise.

Key Accountabilities of Role
• Work with the publishing tools to update messaging content in-game and on the website on a consistent basis.
• Maintain an open line of communication for players, answering questions, addressing concerns, and keeping the community apprised of current and upcoming community events and game updates.
• Work with the team to develop and execute new community initiatives, partnership engagements, and opportunities to facilitate the growth of the series.
• Work with the community team to manage day-to-day issues, identify problems, and drive creative solutions to fix them.

Key Success Criteria
• Quickly establish a good reputation and critical business value within six months.
• Drive strong growth in community touchpoints, both in terms of scale and engagement.
• Driving unique visits to the official Web site and social media presences.
• Active and consistent contribution.
• Be a team player and show integration in community team strategy and processes

6 months - 1 year of production experience in a publishing or other media company required. Knowledge of word processing, database and spreadsheets required. Must have the ability to manage daily workload. Must be able to work independently and as part of a team. Must have a high attention to detail. Some editorial experience preferred. May require skills in HTML. Excellent communication and negotiation skills required. Bachelor's degree in English, Communications or a related field preferred.