Full-time Copywriter role for strong writer!

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Are you a gifted writer who craves more variety in your work? Do you feel you have the ability to hear ones voice and craft into words the essence of their message? Do you strive to make a difference in the lives of others? If you are an exceptional wordsmith, confident in your ability to contribute new ideas and THRIVE in a TEAM environment, then this could be the perfect opportunity for you!

The IDEAL candidate has fine-tuned their abilities to provide editing and other quality controls for audio, visual, and written materials; scripting and updating headlines for web and ad copy; generate monthly newsletter stories as well as conduct interviews; and email communications to an entire database.

Additional core competencies should include (and be noted in your resume):
• Strong knowledge of SEO/Keyword-rich content writing for website, blogs and social media (AdWords, Analytics, AdSense,);
• Ability to provide valuable input into our products, events and more;
• Time sensitivity awareness and quickly absorb content;
• Production – Must be capable of working under tight deadlines on a production level when required;
• Expert in Quality Control to review products/content for correct grammar, accuracy, and consistency with Chairman's voice and image;
• Efficiently and creatively craft information into a tangible product;
• Ability to compose talking points for Chairman's media appearances and videos, effectively;
• Capable of producing compelling Headline Copies that bring call-to-action;
• Proven experience with direct mail and email campaigns; and
• Having worked with a variety of leading brands is preferred.