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Full Stack Developer

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Full Stack Developer

A start-up client is looking for a full-stack developer to lead their cross-platform strategy.

The project will initially begin with designing the project. This includes familiarizing

oneself with the current methods of content creation and output and developing a

strategy of milestones and associated timelines. This aspect is expected to take ~40

hours. If the project design aligns properly with company objectives, this person could

become a full-time hire that would lead the cross-platform strategy.

The team currently creates content in a proprietary GUI that populates our database for

extraction to the front end. If this content platform no longer exists in our conversion to

Unity, a similar Unity interface would need to be maintained to allow for content creation

by non-technical teammates. Part of the project design will involve an evaluation of

these content creation options.

For Architecture and Development Phases:

Required knowledge of / experience with:

 Unity (>1 year)

 Ruby on Rails / MVC framework

 At least one database framework (SQL preferred)

 Automation / scripting

 A version control system (git preferred)

 Project management

For Development Phase:

Must be qualified to:

 Manage a project from architecture to completion

o Structure project timeline

o Deliver on timelines

o Communicate and collaborate well with teammates

 Train content team on any new methods of content creation

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