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EXPERT in Adobe FrameMaker application

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Adobe FrameMaker Specialist


Education and Experience

This position requires at a minimum:

• 5-years of experience in composition and design and layout of text and graphics including experience in composing documents using Adobe FrameMaker software.

• An associate degree, but preferably a bachelor's or advanced degree in Document Design or related field or equivalent experience.

Additional Qualifications:

• Use knowledge of publishing design skills to compose documents and apply the correct type fonts and styles consistent with corporate brand identity requirements and standards.

• Consult with technical communications staff on requirements for particular projects and on jobs that are in production.

• Convert text, graphics, and tables from word processing, database, and other low-end software into high-end publishing software.

• Create design formats and page layouts for all documents produced by Brand and Policy for distribution in print; or on Postal Explorer, the Internet, Intranet, LANs, and CD-ROM.

• Compose documents that range in size from a small 3−4 page brochure to a large 1,000 (or more) page manual. This includes manipulating and integrating graphics from a variety of sources including electronic scanning, electronic files, and hard copy.

• Create “intelligent” documents such as the IMM, ELM, and ASM that automate book features (e.g., chapters, indexes, appendixes, page numbering, section numbering, headers, footers, and hierarchy of text, index maintenance, and links) for online use.

• Use Adobe software to prepare documents for viewing on the Internet and intranet.

• Use scanning software and hardware to capture images and data for use within documents.

• Use document management software for locating, accessing, tracking, storing, and ensuring version control of all documents worked on PC workstations.

• Use design functionality and specialized capabilities such as auto referencing, index tokens, filtering, and tables to generate camera copy for printing and PDF files.

• Tag HTML Code and format documents for compliance with Section 508 of the Workforce Investment Act.

• Create graphic images such as flow charts and tables.

• Prepare documents for online viewing using Adobe software to create bookmarks and internal links within the PDF file.

• Have extensive knowledge of file formats; page layout; filtering text; and developing Adobe Frame Maker, MS Word, and other templates.

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