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Finance Transformation (Saas) - Cloud enabled fin Transformation

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One of our Fortune 500 clients and Big Four Consulting Firms is in immediate need for a writer who is very well versed in technology and finance transformation. More specifically, they are looking for someone who really has the pulse on SaaS (software as a service)/Cloud enabled finance transformation. Understanding the industry would allow the candidate not only towrite but also contribute to idea generation.

The tentative plan is that this first white paper would be the first in a series of three papers. So if the first one went well, there would be the opportunity for the writer to work on two more.

The finance organization of the future
Developing the business case for financials in the cloud

Why (the need for finance transformation)

• Finance organizations are under pressure to play a more strategic role in the business, shifting from a role of providing mere transactions to providing valuable information.

• But that’s hard to do when the information is buried in sprawling, aging ERPs and legacy, non-integrated systems.

• Leading CFOs recognize that it’s time to transform finance and do something different. They’re seeking ways to modernize their ERPs, integrate their systems and simplify their organizations.

What (cloud as a driver of finance transformation)

• Most providers of financial systems are focusing their investments on the cloud, so that’s where CFOs need to look first. Cloud-based applications have become a viable way to modernize and transform finance.

• Unlike ERP systems that were designed decades ago, cloud-based tools are built from the ground up to meet today’s requirements. These tools include built-in social, mobile and analytical capabilities that help finance organizations go from transactions to information.

• Moving finance to the cloud is not about outsourcing a mess for less. Rather, it’s about using cloud technology to transform and simplify finance, going beyond cost reduction to accelerate decision-making, enable access to accurate data, simplify financial processes, improve agility and precision, and more.

How (to create the business case)

• Finance organizations are often concerned about data privacy, data integration and other common cloud issues. But these are not the most important things to think about, because they’ve already been resolved by other parts of the organization.

o Leading CFOs are breaking down these barriers by discussing solutions with their colleagues in CRM and HCM. (These discussions can also pave the way for an enterprise SaaS strategy, serving as an umbrella for cloud implementations throughout the organization.)

• Instead of focusing on barriers, focus the business case on five key value opportunities for transforming finance:

o Creating marketplace advantage
o Increasing productivity
o Enabling human resources
o Improving business efficiency and quality
o Reducing total cost of ownership

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