Fashion Designer

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Summary: Develop and design manufactured products. Education/Experience: Bachelor degree in industrial design, architecture or engineering. 0-2 years experience required. Skills and Competencies: Creativity, verbal and written communication skills and problem solving ability. Basic ability to utilize various forms of media, including print, electronic and film. Basic knowledge of design techniques, tools, and principles involved in production of precision technical plans, blueprints, drawings and models. Previous experience using the computer to create layouts and generate new images - preferred. Experience with Adobe imaging software (i.e., Illustrator, Photoshop), computer aided design (CAD) software and graphics software. Major Job Duties and Responsibilities: Prepare sketches of ideas, detailed drawings, illustrations, artwork, or blueprints, using drafting instruments, paints and brushes, or computer-aided design equipment. Modify and refine designs, using working models, to conform with customer specifications, production limitations, or changes in design trends. Coordinate the look and function of product lines. Confer with engineering, marketing, production, or sales departments, or with customers, to establish and evaluate design concepts for manufactured products. Read publications, attend showings, and study competing products and design styles and motifs to obtain perspective and generate design concepts. Design graphic material for use as illustration or advertising on manufactured materials and packaging or containers.