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Experience Designer (UX)

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AQUENT is partnering with one of our most AMAZING clients to grow their design team in Plano, TX. They are seeking a talented Experience Designer to help them with a total redesign for their experiences.

Here you’ll find designers, hackers, rockers, artists, entrepreneurs, and data scientists. As a team, we come to work every day looking to build digital experiences that are authentic and bold.

What You Bring:

You have a background in digital, geek out about the latest technologies, and believe that no digital experience is perfect unless it delights customers in ways they never knew were important – but now can’t live without. You have an exuberant passion for the power of strategic design and an “anything’s possible” mindset. You’re proud of your work, your skill, your experience and your expertise. You’re not cynical, inflexible, or only about your portfolio and you want to be part of something great.

Things that might tip us off you’re not the right person for this position:
• You think Square is just a geometric shape
• Raspberry Pi looks misspelled
• You have an aversion to denim

Here’s what you’ll need to be successful:
- You have demonstrated experience improving digital user interfaces through various tools and techniques
- You’re going to be responsible for delivering an experience, so you must have worked in a product group focusing on web or mobile applications for a few years; in and around cool designers and nerdy engineers – and love it.
- Your prior experience will be important because you will be responsible for your product throughout the full product lifecycle.
- Working with our banking product teams, you’ll need to identify opportunities and uncover untapped needs through customer research and interaction data
- You possess the ability to deliver on those insights by driving product vision and strategy to position our digital products alongside our core financial products
- Working with our engineering teams, that vision you clearly articulated will need to turn into simple, intuitive experiences that serve our customer’s banking needs
- You have demonstrated record of success inventing and launching successful features
- You are experienced the end-to-end design process, balancing customer insights and business goals

What you’ll do:

Primarily, research, explore and document the insights, reasoning and decisions that validate our approach to the final product or experience; secondarily, create high-fidelity visualizations of the digital experiences we intend to create. You can write solid front-end code, or design in the browser, too? Great, that’s a plus.

Specifically, you will:

- Advocate and be the voice of our customer in our product development process
- Use customer-driven insights and agile methodologies to deliver elegant and delightful customer experiences
- Collaborate and create visual design and strategy for prototyping and pilot efforts
- Translate business requirements into (lo or hi-fi) visual concepts and prototypes to be used in testing
- Create interaction models, user task flows, screen designs, and UI details that promote ease of use and optimize task flows
- Partner with Product Managers to influence product design and express / own the UX strategy
- Create and deliver UX/UI design documentation to aid with cross-team communication, collaboration and development
- Develop and maintain artifacts that express humanity, simplicity and ingenuity
- Visualize complex sets of data in ways that are easy to comprehend
- Conduct and lead design research, persona development, and a wide variety of usability studies

Basic Qualifications:
- High School Diploma or military experience
- 3 years of experience in user experience design

Preferred Qualifications:
- Bachelor’s degree
- 4 years of experience in user experience design
- 4 years of experience with standard digital tools (e.g., Adobe Creative Suite, prototyping tools)
- 4 years of experience in information architecture
- 4 years of experience in prototyping

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