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Email Automation Specialist

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Email Automation Specialist Overview:

· The EAS will receive written direction from the business to support email execution activities on a digital marketing platform for email marketing automation.

This process will consist of:

· Client sends the EAS an e-mail with the production request that includes directions with the template, landing pages, the images, links, specs, lists, work estimate (hours) etc, and an email schedule date.

· The EAS receives request and assesses, confirms the request and work estimate as necessary with the client

· The EAS creates the email/campaign/landing page, executes the email test plan and on completion sends the completed email/campaign to Client

· Client reviews and provides feedback, and final written approval via email, including the email prospect list to Supplier via File Transfer Protocol (“FTP”) site

· The EAS makes any final edits and deploys the email/campaign (Client will be listed as a recipient in the final email) the email send is issued by the e-mail schedule date.

· Standard emails to have specified 0 and 7 day email reports. Landing Page reports needed as requested.


· Be up to date on all new Email / Automation and CRM technology and offer best practices

· Create custom designed emails for supplies and e-lease on a different SLA process. And aggressive timelines which includes screenshots and emails sent out to stakeholders

· Take a visio diagram for nurture programs and build out complex programs with guidance from the client.

· Provide ad hoc reporting for nurture programs and provide contact lists for nurtures weekly

· Ability to create automated transactional programs with weekly reporting

· Maintain an inventory of all lead alerts and update it with new alerts once per week. The inventory will include the alert name, the form to which it is tied, and the email address it sends to.

· Ability to document all process flows if a change in any process

· Ability to manually and automatically add leads from events or webinars into nurture programs by BU

• Whereoware will provide SLAs (estimated turnaround times) for various types of email automated projects, including: email buildout, landing page + webform buildout, and automated program buildout.

· Provide weekly management reports on projects, capacity and overage reports
· Ability to create powerpoint presentations of all touch points within a nurture programs
· Ability to create a working document for all nurtures when any updates occur

The EAS must perform all email automation system administrative tasks and fulfill requests by the client including importing lists, assisting with HTML email editing and formatting, helping with standard project requests, and other general technical maintenance and support tasks associated with the clients usage of the system. After 6 months, you should also be comfortable with updating system and org settings and running system reports.

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