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We have been selling, valuing and buying businesses for 80 years. We help corporate businesses as well as individuals to sell or buy businesses across eight sectors, including retail, hotels, restaurants, pubs, care, childcare, medical and lei-sure. We cover the UK from 16 offices in strategic city centres as well as Europe from 14 international hubs.

Our website features approx. 2,000 businesses for sale some of which are confidential (carrying limited information and no photos) and the majority offering full details together with photos. Built in the 1990’s and currently under redevelopment as part of our rebrand. The website and new brand will be launched externally in January 2016.

As part of this rebrand we are looking to upgrade our content to match the new look and feel and intuitive functionality of our website. As part of this we have done a lot of research into the information we are providing and have identified areas of improvement. A really important area is our sales details which are currently too wordy and ponderous in a lot of cases.
Our website will be responsive and the details will be read on a number of devices, mobile, tablet as well as desktop. So we are looking to get the important information across quickly, effective-ly and as concisely as possible. To this end we have cut down the number of fields available to input business details into and re-duced the word count.

Edit down our sales details so that they will comply with the new fields and word counts. Get essential points cross quickly and ear-ly on as well as highlighting the unique selling points of the busi-ness concisely. We need to front load the important facts under each section and make sure that the 6 key features really are key.
Obviously correct grammar and spelling will be part of this too.

The editor will be provided access to an area of our database to enable them to edit the details direct so it will not be done on paper first.
The old fields and new fields will be mapped to one another to make it clear what needs editing/amalgamating. Word and character counts will also be provided.

Audience – primary
Our business search caters to the following:
Individual business operators, first time business operators, multiple business operators. First time owners need the most hand holding and information whereas serial business owners and more experienced multiple operators will be looking at the essential business info.
The main difference is that the first time business operator tends to be more emotional and the more experienced looks to the facts and figures and likely success/ possibility of adding value to the venture.

Audience - secondary
Intermediaries we work with – other brokers, solicitors, accountants and banks who recommend us.

Primary goal
Informative, error-free, concise and clear, to the point sales details. Written in human language and without buzz speak but using the right terms and acronyms for each sector where appropriate.

Secondary goal
Create a positive impression of knowledge and insight and competence by not having any poorly structured sentences or errors.

2,000 edited and proof read instructions – directly managed in our database as instructed.

Approx. word count
This is difficult as each instruction will vary but all will need to be a maximum of 1,100 words excluding headings and sub heads which are provided by the system.

The best guide will be the character counts by each field. My word count above is an approximate.

These job descriptions are examples. Looking for work?

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